After years of reading lifestyle blogs, I’ve decided to start my own. My life isn’t too fascinating but that doesn’t mean I have nothing to say.

A couple things about me:

  • I graduated college 2 years ago and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.
  • I’m a cat person – but I’ve had a few rats in the past. They are underrated as pets and super affectionate.
  • I grew up being a massive Harry Potter fan – and cried when I visited the Warner Brothers studio in London a couple years ago.
  • I’m not a tv watcher, but when I do, Fixer Upper is my jam
  • I would like to own a tiny house in the future, but realistically it might not happen since they aren’t allowed in many areas
  • I was a huge hoarder of stuff growing up and realized halfway through college that I needed to clean up my act – purged and got rid of the majority of my things. Then I realized that I didn’t have many clothes left and spent too much $ at the end of 2017 on clothes that I though better expressed me… which turned out wasn’t true
  • Made a goal at the beginning of 2018 to do a 6 month shopping ban. I have a little over a month left. I haven’t been perfect – purchased a belt and dress pants (that I had on my “ok” list) and a few undergarments, cause sometimes you want a change.
  • I went to a Catholic school from 1st grade – senior year of high school. It might be fun for some people, but I’m now not religious in any way and it didn’t help me in figuring out my sexuality – hella queer

So yeah. I’m looking forward to more posts about a bunch of different things and I’m figuring out my life along the way.

Until next time,


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